Guy La Fayette works well with Designers, Creative Directors, Architects and Artists. He is guided by the principles of: creativity; appropriate technology; and sustainability. His goal is to find creative solutions to immediate challenges.

Guy’s vision of an ideal world is a familiar one where human society lives in harmony with each other and the environment. Diversity, creativity, understanding, respect, well-being and selfless love are some of the key values that can help to achieve this. Guy also understands the role that collective institutions such as culture, art, architecture, design, science, health, music and media have in transforming our current paradigms and harmonizing our relationships.

Guy's focus is always evolving and expanding: from experimentations with mass media and popular culture to addressing daily functionality and a cyclical relationship with Nature. A result of this evolution of ideas has been the desire to co-create an Eco-Resort. This project would demonstrate
green building design and promote eco tourism in the natural habitat of a rural forest with the support of local Indigenous Communities. See the Boreal Eco Adventure Resort test site for further information.