Guy La Fayette will start off by meeting with you to get to know you and discuss your project. You will be able to clarify your needs, expectations and requirements. From there Guy will assess the project and present his perceptions. Once a common understanding is reached, terms can be negotiated and a statement of work can be agree upon. After agreeing on a fee Guy will initiate and execute the work plan and follow up with an evaluation upon completion. Guy can be held on a retainer if you require further assistance after the work plan has been completed.

Guy is inspired by creativity and innovation. He can easily adapt to new environments and integral processes. Guy will explore new approaches to old problems or old approaches to new problems in order to find the most appropriate solution. Guy’s multidisciplinary skills, perceptive abilities and capacity to see the bigger picture will make him a valuable asset to any endeavor.

Please contact Guy if would like to discuss how he can assist you.