Guy has always been quite perceptive at recognizing the direction of global popular trends. He was particularly interested in mass media while still a child and studied creative uses for digital technologies in the mid-80ís. By the mid-90ís he was designing screen interfaces for touch-screens based on cybernetic theory. These interfaces are comparable to some of the most sophisticated Internet designs today. His design for a   touch-screen magazine called Metrozone was a digital reflection of contemporary youth culture in London at the time. It was popular enough to secure a £150K sponsorship deal from Coca Cola UK and Ireland. In the late 90ís he began to recognize the importance of global environmental issues. By the turn of the millennium he was working with an engineering practice to develop sustainable masterplans that would help make cities greener. As their R&D manager he was able to attract hundreds of thousands of British pounds from the British Government and the European Commission. Guy uses his forecasting ability to affect change by focusing on innovative trends that may solve global problems; whether that may be, for example, the democratization of technology or eco architecture.